An update from the band - March 16th, 2020

Since our farewell show has been canceled, it’s officially over for Malo De Dentro. It’s been a hell of a ride and we truly hope you got as much out of this musical adventure as we did. Huge thanks to anyone who was part of the band’s history, shared a stage with us, came to a show or bought a shirt or CD, booked us or just loved our music from afar - there are far too many to name individually, but hopefully you know who you are. As always, huge thanks to our significant others for putting up with all the band shit for so long and enabling us to do what we love so much. The individual members of Malo will continue to write and play music, some in bands and some not, but either way you’ll still see them around the scene in one way or another.

The music is out there forever and we hope that you’ll continue listening. But more importantly, keep supporting our local bands and venues and making sure that they can keep providing that music we love so much. And who knows - maybe you’ll see an announcement for a Malo De Dentro reunion show some day. Never say never, right?

Take care of each other and we’ll see you out at the local shows!

--- Stone, Brett, Cris and Steve

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