You can't kill the METAL!  Here we come!

You can't kill the METAL! Here we come!

  • 2014 June 17
  • by Unknown

What's up peeps! Welcome back to the Malo blog.  This week we've been very productive.  We spent some time getting out to some venues this weekend and dropping our names in the hat.  It's great to see that a few of the bands we loved to play with our still on the scene.  One of my personal favorites are the brothers over in Souless (facebook.com/soulessmusic).  We had shitloads of fun playing with these guys in the past, and can't wait to hook up with them again in the real near future.

We haven't booked anything solid yet, and still have a few more rehearsals to work out the bugs.  But live shows are eminent, so we're pushing hard to be ready for you all in the next month.

Right now we're also working on some designs for our merch.  Expect to see some new shit out soon!

Tonight we'll be heading back to SER soundworks for more rehearsal time.  Tuesdays used to suck ass.  But since we've made it a regular rehearsal day, it's the best fucking day of the week right now!  That is..until shows are on the docket, then Tuesdays will go back to sucking ass.

That's it for this week.  Stay tuned for more info real soon.  Remember to support your local arts and music.  Until next time, I leave you with this epic song.  YOU CAN'T KILL THE METAL!!