The gears are turning

The gears are turning

  • 2014 June 12
  • by Chuck Simoes

What's up motherfuckers!  Welcome back to the Malo Blog, where we lay it all out for you to see, whether you want to or not.  This week we put away our fishing poles and our camping supplies, and headed back into the studio for some "Live" rehearsals.  For those of you not in the know, this is where we set all our shit up, and pretend that we're playing a live show.  The rehearsal went really good, with only a few missteps that would have been unnoticeable (for the most part) to a crowd of people.  But, there is no settling in Malo.  So, the next few weeks will be spent making sure we're as tight as a....well...you fill it in with your best metaphor here.

After the jam, we got the ball rolling on setting up a new merch store. Be on the lookout for links in the weeks to come; where you can buy your shirts, stickers, or any other shit we'll be selling.

That's it for this week.  Next week will be more rehearsing, and merch setup stuff.  Until then, remember to support your local music and arts. Without you, us struggling local artists will starve!