Bloody fingers? New set list?  Must be getting close...

Bloody fingers? New set list? Must be getting close...

  • 2014 May 29
  • by Chuck Simoes

Good morning peep!  Welcome back to the Malo blog.  First, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to check out our blog and our music.  We truly do appreciate it!

This week we spent time in the studio going over our new set list. The set will feature 5 of our new songs, as well as 3 older tunes (plus our bonus freight-train-noise-machine-song "Suffer in Silence" we always feature at the end).  The first few times through were a learning experience, as we are so used to our old set list format.  But after a 2-3 times through, we were finally getting things down.  And by "getting things down", I generally mean that our old minds were remembering how everything went!  One thing I noticed right away was the stark difference in our old tunes vs our new tunes.  I used to think we had a really heavy, low tone; but I was definitely proven differently when we kicked into the new stuff with the 7 string guitar and 5 string bass.  Man, the depth was enough to knock you on the floor!

By the end of rehearsals, my hands were nice and bloody with blisters, and I was covered in sweat.  It's the same feeling/effects I get when playing live shows.  I guess the energy we bring just makes me want to BANG BANG on the drums HARD!  It probably don't help that it was 107 degrees outside either ;)

Everything is coming together good.  We're still tracking for late July/early August for our debut. It's travel season, so we'll be grabbing practice time whenever possible now.  We'll be taking a week off for some camping trips and other shit.

So, thanks again for coming back to the blog.  We'll see you next time.  Support your local scene!