It's summer and time for a break!

It's summer and time for a break!

  • 2014 June 26
  • by Unknown

Well hello there fans!  Welcome back once again to the Malo De Dentro blog.  This week was once again very productive.  We managed to finalize out last new song's structure.  It's funny, because this song sort of just came up out of the blue.  But this song kicks some serious ass, and I'm glad it's made it on our set list.  It's crazy to think that we had years of stale development on song writing, and then in the span of about 2 months, we've managed to crank out 7 songs.  In fact, one of them won't even make it to our final set list! But back on track.... once we jammed out the new toon, we went through out set one more time.

...And it was good

So with this last blast in June, a few of use head out for an extended summer vacation.  But the gears will continue to turn, as we continue to work leads on shows, and hit the pavement meeting up with some old band-friends, and make new connections with some of the new bands out on the the Phoenix scene.

So that's a wrap for a few weeks.  If any news breaks on shows, we'll definitely be posting it up there.  But until then, remember to get your ass out there and support your local music and arts.  Remember, we may be staring artists...but we don't have to be.