New Music...New Show...Welcome your boys back!

New Music...New Show...Welcome your boys back!

  • 2021 September 12
  • by Sixkiller

 It's been a productive year so far.  We have been hard at work on new music and have released two singles from our upcoming album.  We also released a cover of one of our most favorite thrash tunes, "Caught in a Mosh" from the mighty Anthrax.  We currently have enough material for a new album and are working to wrap things up.  We're hoping to release another single in a couple of weeks, and prepare for release of the Album in 2022.  

The big news this week is that we have our first show in nearly 2 years set for October 9th at the 44 Sports Grill & Nightlife in Glendale, AZ.  We're really excited to finally return to playing live shows.  We've spent a lot of time being careful and staying away from the scene while we waited out the storm of the viral yuck.  But things have subsided enough that we feel comfortable enough to come back out and rock the stage.  We'll be sharing the stage with Downhill Trend, Smile on the Sinner and She's Not Breathing.  To say that we are pumped for this would be an understatement. We're also excited to have a very good friend and former member sit in on lead guitar for this show!

Make sure to keep an eye on us with your favorite streaming services.  As always, thank you for everyone that has supported us along the way.  We really appreciate you.