Studio update..lots o' changes

Studio update..lots o' changes

  • 2016 August 02
  • by Sixkiller

Hello Malo fans, and welcome back to the blog.  It's been a long while since I wrote in here, so there's a lot of things to cover.  So let's get started!

First of all, I'm sure you all know that we have decided to part ways with Joe Bertucci.  Joe is a great guy, and fantastic at his craft.  However, we have decided to take Malo in a different direction, with clean vocals and a more hard rock sound.  You can expect the same heavy groove that we've had all along though.  Joe has taken the reins for Ashes of the Dead, and is due to play their first show August 16th at Joe's Grotto (get tickets here).  We wish Joe the best in his new path.  As a result of the departure of Joe, Mark Enriquez has also decided to step down.  You can catch Mark in his project, Fool Injection.  The decision for us to make these changes was a hard, and long process.  We had good times as a band, but felt like we could be doing more.

After a small discussion, we quickly sought out our great friend, and long time bass man, Dave Chaney.  Dave has been with Malo for nearly the whole run, and we wanted him to be a part of the new changes.  We are happy that Dave decided to join us for this venture, and we're having a great time playing with him again!

After a couple of months of searching for the right new front man for Malo, we finally ran into Stone Martin.  Stone's vocals are something completely different for Malo.  His style is completely clean.  This was a unique challenge for us, as we had never heard this style of vocals done to our music.  To all our surprise, it completely blew us away.  We're excited to give you all the opportunity to hear him.

Now that the lineup is solid, we've been working hard for the past couple of months getting Stone and Dave up to speed on a handful of songs.  We've decided to lay to rest a good portion of our existing songs, and focus on writing new material.  I'm happy to say that we have 4 new songs in the mix, coupled with 4 previously written tunes.  We've recently moved back into a permanent studio, and have been hard at work getting even more new material done.

Lastly, we have also been recording songs in our home studio.  We have 3 songs that are mixed; one of which is being mastered right now.  We are looking to get this new tune out to you in the next week or two.  We also have a couple more partial recordings that we'll be finishing up shortly.  So keep an eye out for the new single VERY SOON!

We are still several months away from playing live.  We're working on building up a strong set list of songs.  We still have a few more tunes to write.

That's the news.  We're glad you have stuck around with us all these years.  We really do appreciate it, and enjoy providing you with some heavy music.  Please stick around for the next chapter!

Brett 'Sixkiller' McKinney