Reigniting the flame - New Music on the Way!

Reigniting the flame - New Music on the Way!

  • 2020 September 24
  • by Sixkiller

That's right, folk!  We're back at it.  I decided that I just couldn't stay away.  The call to make music with Stone and Cris was too strong.  So we're back to writing new music and searching for a lead guitarist.  As we mentioned last time, Steve has decided to move on to other things.  So that means we are on the lookout for the next great shredder of guitars for Malo.  But in the meantime, we are writing new music.  In fact, we have 5 new original songs and one cover ready to go.  A single from this selection will be coming out really soon!  On top of that, we will have a new music video on the way early next year.

Things are looking really good right now. Our sound continues to evolve with each new song, and new album.  We look forward to giving you more.  In the meantime, sit tight and wait for the storm to pass.  Stay safe and do your part to help the recovery from COVID.