A great show with 36 Crazyfists, and Mark kills it!  And much more!

A great show with 36 Crazyfists, and Mark kills it! And much more!

  • 2015 April 14
  • by Sixkiller

Welcome back to the blog, Malo fans!!  Wow, what a show we had at the Club Red Theaters.  It was an honor to share the stage with 36 Crazyfists, and all the other bands that also killed it that night.  We were blown away by the crowd there that night.  The energy was high, and the music was heavy!   Thank you to everyone that came out to rock it with us.  We appreciate the support.

The 36 Crazyfists show marked the arrival of Mark to the brotherhood of Malo.  And boy, did he bring it!  We're so happy to have Mark in the band on bass.  He brings a whole new dimension to the band that we haven't seen in quite a long time!

We're now gearing up for what we expect to be a full blown metal fury in Tuba City.  We're going to make the long trek to the Grand Canyon region for a metal festival that is sure to shake the canyon wall!  We're excited to get up there and play our brand of metal for all you metalheads!

In other news, we're also going to be making a big announcement this week for a show in June.  Make sure to be on the lookout for that one.  It's sure to be something you don't want to miss!

We're still postponing the recording of our first single for a month or two.  We're also going to be spending more time in the studio writing more tunes.  With Mark on board, we're really looking forward to a fresh take on the band's sound.

So as you can see, things are heating up for the band.  Make sure to check out our stuff on the interwebs.  Catch us on Pandora, or buy our music from 'Evil Within' on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music, and much more!