The End of an Era

The End of an Era

  • 2020 April 13
  • by Sixkiller

Greetings fans!  Welcome back to the blog.  Yes, this thing has been dormant for quite some time now.  We got busy in 2019 and just didn't take the time to come back on here and update anything.  Sorry!

As you might have heard, Malo De Dentro is on an indefinite hiatus.  Brett (myself) has decided to take time off to focus on other things, such as family, and other musical interests.  I've been in this band for 15 years, and it was time to step back and do something just for me for a change.  Don't consider this a goodbye.  It's just a a pause and I expect that we will return soon.

The unfortunate thing is that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we were forced to cancel our farewell show.  There has been no plans to try again for this show.  But who knows.  Maybe things will change in a month or two.

Additionally, Steve has also taken this opportunity to step down and pursue other interests. Steve is very talented and we definitely hope he puts his skills to good use in whatever his future holds.

One last thing to note.  While we have officially taken a break, you can catch the guys doing some acoustic covers and other play throughs while we are all locked inside our houses waiting out the virus.  Check out the youtube page for more information.

That's all for now.  Make sure to stay tuned to facebook for the latest info on the band.  We post there regularly.

Be safe!

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