A comeback fitting for Malo!

A comeback fitting for Malo!

  • 2014 July 25
  • by Anonymous

What's up peeps?!  Welcome back to the Malo De Dentro blog, where we lay it all out for you; whether you wanted to hear it, or not!  We have some exciting news this week.

Summer Break
This week, after a month long break for summer, we went back into the studio for rehearsals.  Man, we didn't skip a beat (pun intended!) and everything just fell into place.  We're just a couple more rehearsals away from being completely show ready.  All the new material is complete, and we've all managed to remember how the fuck they're supposed to sound.  Haha!  I can speak for all us in the band, when I say it felt sofa king good to get back behind our instruments and mics.

Now for the big news!!
It's been confirmed that we have lined up our first gig in quite some time.  The best part about our return gig?  It's a night fit just for Malo fans!  Come out Halloween night to Crabby Dons and help us kick things off right!  We're very excited to be playing on our favorite night of the year, at a venue we've loved to play in the past.  More details will come as the date draws closer, so stay tuned!!!

People have been asking me about shirts, stickers and all other kinds of swag!  You ask...we'll deliver! We're in the process of completing out online merch store. Expect to see some links in the next week or two!

That's it for this week.  A lot of fun is happening in Malo camp these days.  Make sure to check out our music on all your favorite sites like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and much more. You can also find us on Pandora!  So, until next week, remember to support your local music and arts.  We all need your support!