Back from the holidays!  Cancelled show...time to record!

Back from the holidays! Cancelled show...time to record!

  • 2015 January 05
  • by Sixkiller

What's up peeps!?  Welcome back to the Malo blog.  We've been on a small break for the holidays.  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  Now that the holidays are over, we're getting back to work, shedding the extra pounds, and knocking the dust off.
We hit the practice studio this weekend, and we haven't forgot any of the songs.  HAHA!  We're sounding real strong, and ready to hit our next show.  However, we found out that our gig in Flagstaff on Jan 17th was cancelled (BOO). But no worries here.
We've decided to focus our attention on recording a single from our selection of new tunes!  We'll be settling on a recording studio here in the next week or so.  The song we're going to record is titled 'Left for Dead'.  We came to an unanimous decision to record this tune.  We all agreed that Dave's thunderous 'BOOM' in this song had to be caught caught on tape.  So there you have it!
Additionally, we broke out some of our stage gear and have been working on a streamlined setup process.  It's a bitch sometimes to have those banners and stage screens, and all the other shit we have to dump on stage.  So, we're working on better ways to manage that gear.  By our next show, we'll have a good system down!  We'll also have some swag for all you fans.  We've ordered up some stickers and post cards for people to take home.  Make sure to stick that shit all over  town!
While we're focused on recording this first single, we're not ruling out any shows.  We're still hitting up the promoters and looking to book something out soon.  So make sure to check our page often for show updates.
That's all for this week.  Now that I'm feeling much better, I'll post here more often. Take care friends, fans, and family, and we'll see you soon!

Brett "Sixkiller" McKinney